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Our accommodations for canine campers include indoor/outdoor runs on concrete flooring with a doggie door. Runs are fenced with chainlink and are covered on the outside. There are plenty of trees surrounding the kennel that provide additional shade. Indoors is climate controlled when needed, and the doggie doors stay open for your dog to go in and out as they please depending on weather conditions. Regardless of weather conditions, our campers have many opportunities to go to the outside portion of their run throughout the day. 

The indoor portion is 4x4 feet, and the outdoor portion is 4x12 feet. All floors, both indoor and outdoor are disinfected daily, and waste is promptly disposed of.  


  • Your dog's food in an airtightwaterproof container or ziploc baggies (Please do not bring bags of kibble over 15lbs-we do not have space to store that much food for every boarding pup)

  • 1 can pure pumpkin (for upset tummies)

  • 1 can wet food (For picky eaters)

  • Proof of current vaccinations: (Either emailed prior or brought in upon drop off)

    • Rabies​

    • Distemper/Parvo

    • Bordatella

  • Medications (must be brought in the original prescription container)

  • Please bring your dog into our facility ON LEASH for their safety-our entrance is very close to the busy Braun Rd. 

Optional items:

  • Treats/Chewies

  • 1-2 toys (NO BALLS please)

  • Bedding (Must be labeled and machine washable) Bedding is brought at your own risk-we have plenty available if you don't bring your own. 


  • Water and Food Bowls

  • Fresh water daily

  • Bedding (for dogs that aren't shredders)

  • Lots of Love

  • Discounted baths for stays over 7 days (up to 75% off)



Under 40 lbs: $35/day

40lbs-80lbs: $40/day

80 lbs and over: $45/day


1 dog: $5 per session.

2 dogs: $7.50 per session

3 dogs: $10 per session

Payment methods:

We accept Cash, Check & Cards. We do charge a 3% fee for credit/debit card transactions. ALL PRICES LISTED ARE WITH THE CASH/CHECK.


Checking In & Out:

Please be prepared to spend at least 10 minutes checking your pet in for the first time. If your pet is ill, or if proof of vaccines is not provided, we will NOT be able to accept your pet.

An additional day will be charged if your fur kid is with us past 1 p.m., checkout time on Mon, Wed, Thurs & Fri. If your pet is being groomed on departure day and we have requested you pick it up after 1 p.m, you will not be charged the additional day. On Tues & Sat, your dog must be picked up from 8am to 12pm. Sunday drop-off & pick-ups are available from 9:00am-10:00am. There will be no charge for Tues, Sat or Sun pick-ups during these times.

For your dog's safety, over-grown nails will be trimmed by our staff.

Over-grown nails are dangerous for the dog! Over-grown nails are at an elevated risk of getting snagged & broken when dogs jump on things, whether it be at home or while boarding with us. If your dog comes in for a boarding stay with over-grown nails, we will trim them for an additional cost of $10-$15 (usually starting at $15) to ensure your dog’s safety while staying with us.

Fleas & ticks are not welcome in our facility! If your dog or cat has fleas or ticks, they will not be admitted into the kennel area until a bath has been given (at the owner’s expense).  Any dog found to have ‘slipped by’ with little pests will be brought into the grooming area immediately for a bath. Capstar flea treatments are also available.

*Puppies must be at least 16 weeks old and have at least 3 rounds of the distemper/parvo vaccine to stay at our facility*


Reservations are required for boarding stays.

We recommend making holiday and summer reservations at least 2-3 weeks in advance to ensure your dog's spot. For normal dates, we usually will have space.

Holiday reservations require a 3 day minimum and a deposit to confirm your space.

*Please leave us a voicemail or send an email if we do not answer the phone, and we will get back to you as soon as possible. We have a small staff and our priority is caring for our boarding pups!



Playtimes are available for your pup while they stay with us! Sessions are held in one of our fully fenced grass fields and are 10-15 minutes per session. Playtimes are done individually, just a dog and a staff member at a time. We do not offer group play as dogs are not screened prior to their stay to ensure they'll get along. Dogs in the same family are allowed to share playtimes. We HIGHLY recommend playtimes for energetic dogs! You may reserve up to 3 playtimes per day. Playtimes are weather dependent as they are done outdoors. 

Playtimes are now a requirement for energetic dogs who need them. If we see that your pup needs the extra exercise to release their pent up energy, they will receive what is necessary for their well being.

Nail Trims and Baths are also available as additional services. See our grooming page for more info.

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