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Our Methods

Most behavioral issues in dogs are simply undesirable reactions to stress or over-arousal. We work to help the dog cope with their surroundings and learn what is acceptable behavior rather than using corrections or force to stop or prevent undesirable behaviors. All of our classes and lessons are taught with positive reinforcement. We strive to make our training stress and force-free and use methods that require patience, practice and persistence for the best results. 


The owners will be opening an indoor, climate controlled training facility beginning January 2021. A variety of group classes and private training will be available. Until then, our trainer will not be available for new training clients. Stay tuned for more information!

Private Lesson Rates:

$35- 30 Minute Lessons

Training Package-

$120- Includes four 30 min lessons. 

(Lessons must be done within 90 days of the first lesson.)

*Lessons are scheduled to fit into both the student & trainer's schedules. Lessons are available most weekdays and some weekends. 

Lessons can cover practically anything you'd like your dog to learn. Whether it's learning how to stop your dog from jumping on people, teaching them to walk nicely on leash or learning how to get your dog to listen reliably, we can help!


We also offer AGILITY training, click here for more information.

To learn more about our head dog trainer, Shelby Fitch, click here
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